Fall 2022 Newsletter

Fall 2022 Newsletter | More Grime Than Time

It’s the season of gratitude – to reflect on all that has brought us joy throughout the year. I had two of my sons get married in 2022, and they blessed me with two lovely and darling daughters-in-law.

My business is thriving; in fact it’s difficult to keep up with the demand. Lots of dirty houses in the area it would seem! I have wonderful staff members, cleaners who work hard to make you happy. I am grateful to you for appreciating them.

Rachel has left MGTT for an opportunity she just could not pass up. Her background is in the culinary arts – she got the opportunity to manage her fiance’s family’s deli and bakery near their new house in Allen Park. If you’re nearby, stop in Liberati’s – I’m sure Rachel would love to see you. We’ll miss her but are so grateful for the five years she helped with so many tasks around the office. I’m delighted that she got this fantastic opportunity and wish her nothing but the best!

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for a new Operations Manager. Almost right after I voiced the fact that I was looking for assistance, my friend and former member of my BNI networking group, Jennifer Coughlin, threw her hat in the ring. She has great experience with staff – she owned and operated a successful hair salon, and is accustomed to scheduling and other aspects of the day-to-day running of a business. As soon as we get her acquainted with the technology we use, she’ll be handling all of the scheduling and rescheduling, which is very abundant during the holidays! It’s so nice to have a familiar face; someone I know and trust, to work with on a regular basis. Here’s an introduction to Jennifer in her own words:

Jennifer Coughlin | More Grime Than Time

Hello! My name is Jennifer Coughlin. I am the new Operations Manager. I have known Sandy for 20+ years, both personally and professionally. I have been a hairdresser for 30+ years, as well as a local business owner.

I am a Plymouth resident. I am married to Kevin and have 2 adult children, Mollie and Sean. I own my own home-based salon, where I currently work part time. I’m looking forward to taking on the daily tasks to help Sandy’s already successful business run as smoothly as possible I love organizing! I enjoy decorating, crafting, gardening and traveling with family and friends. I’m excited to meet all of you and help you live your best lives in a sparkling clean home or office! Please feel free to contact me via phone or email. Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year – cold and flu season!

It would seem that we made it through the worst of the Covid pandemic – wow, what a time that was! We were closed down for about a month and a half; we slowly started cleaning again when both clients and cleaners were comfortable being around one another. We had special masking and disinfecting guidelines and policies in place to keep everyone safe. We also made a great effort not to send a cleaner to someone’s home if they were at all unwell. In fact, they reported their temperatures to us each morning before heading to work. I’m certain you’d rather stay healthy, even if it means the house needs to be dirty a little longer.
Already this year some of my staff members have been exposed to illness in their clients’ homes.

Don’t be a turkey – let us know if you’re sick!!

I so appreciate people who cancel their cleanings when there’s sickness in the home. Our cancellation policy will not take effect in the case of illness.
Especially this time of year our cleaners cannot afford to be sick and unable to clean their other scheduled houses, so please be considerate – just as you would not want a sick person coming to your home, we would rather not enter a home and risk being exposed to Covid, a cold or the flu.

Jennifer and I hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season. Thanks for your patience as we shape the schedules so that we can get everyone squared away. You can reach us both by phone or text at (734) 459-9866, or by email: sandy@moregrimethantime.com or