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Gift Certificates for House Cleaning

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member is often challenging. Unless they gave you a wish list, it’s almost impossible to know what someone wants. In the end, you might buy them a present they never truly use or enjoy.

If you’re struggling to find the right gift, consider a gift certificate! Gift certificates allow you to give a thoughtful present, even from afar, via email.

For homeowners, gift certificates for house cleanings are a unique option that your loved ones are sure to appreciate. More Grime Than Time gift certificates provide your friend or family member the opportunity to receive professional house cleaning services that will ease their mind and brighten their day.

Easy & Convenient for Loved Ones

More Grime Than Time gift certificates aren’t a present that says, “I think you’re messy.” Instead, they let your loved one know you understand how dirty a house can be and that it takes time to do a deep cleaning.

Professional cleaning services from More Grime Than Time can restore a home to like-new quality, and they won’t need to lift a finger. A professional deep clean also lasts longer than an ordinary clean-up, giving the recipient more time to relax and enjoy a spotless home. 

Unlike cash or credit, which your loved ones will use and promptly forget, More Grime Than Time gift certificates make a lasting impression. They are unique and thoughtful gifts, perfect for special occasions and the holidays. A deep house cleaning at the start of spring is the ideal way to restore a home after a long, snowy, and dirty winter. 

Customizable Options

More Grime Than Time gift certificates allow you to customize the gift experience for your loved one. When you purchase the gift certificates, you can choose to give a dollar amount or a number of cleaning hours. Your recipient can then customize the experience further, using the gift certificates as they choose.

For example, if your loved one wants a one-time deep clean for the entire home, they can use the entirety of the money or cleaning hours at once. Alternately, if they want to schedule recurring cleanings, they can receive visits every month, every six months, or once a year until their gift certificate runs out.

The recipient can even choose to get a professional cleaning at multiple locations. If you send the gift certificate to a family that lives in separate houses, they can divide it amongst themselves. Certificates allow recipients to use their gift when it's most convenient.

Personalized for Your Special Someone

When you want to send a gift that you can personalize for your special someone, professional house cleaning services are a thoughtful, practical, and unique option. More Grime Than Time gift certificates are perfect for any homeowner. Everyone can appreciate a clean atmosphere, from significant others to important family members, colleagues, or good friends. 

Professional cleaning is also perfect for numerous occasions. For example, perhaps your loved one is hosting a big birthday or winter holiday party, moving in or out of their home, or simply needing cleanliness after a difficult work stretch. They’ll surely be grateful for a gift that offers a helping hand.

More Grime Than Time gift certificates can be the ideal present for various situations or simply your way of saying “thank you” to an important figure in your life. Regardless, you can't go wrong with the gift of cleaning!

More Grime Than Time Gift Certificates | Plymouth, MI

Stop giving traditional presents that your friend or family member may never use. Whether the holidays or a special occasion are rolling around, or you’re just feeling in the giving mood, consider a gift that can make a difference in your loved one’s life. 

More Grime Than Time gift certificates provide your loved ones with the opportunity for professional house cleaning services that will make their day. A cleaner home means a calmer mind and a relaxed self. This holiday or any time throughout the year, give a gift you would appreciate.

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