More Grime Than Time Newsletter – Winter 2019

Winter House Cleaning - More Grime Than Time

Welcome to our third issue of More Grime Than Time’s newsletter, designed for our clients to help keep you informed of our policies and procedures, and to offer tips to help us help you maintain your clean home!

Happy 2019! It’s a New Year, and there are a bunch of new things happening around the More Grime Than Time offices. We would like to let you know of a few of them.

Rachel Bailey - More Grime Than Time

Rachel Bailey, Operation’s Manager

Rachel came on board last fall and will be helping with scheduling and many of the other tasks of keeping our business up and running on a daily basis. I’m so grateful to have her assistance. You’ll grow to love her, too. She has a bright, sunny attitude and is eager to help in any way she can.

Please contact Rachel for any scheduling issues. You can reach her at our main office number (734) 459-9866 which, though technically a land line, can receive texts as well. Rachel’s email address is She checks her emails constantly, so even urgent matters can be addressed via email.

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MGTT – Policies and Procedures

While we never ask our residential clients to sign a contract, we have developed a list of Policies and Procedures that will help your experience with MORE GRIME THAN TIME run smoothly. We send this document out to all new clients; if you haven’t received it and would like to see a copy, shoot us a quick email. We will be highlighting several of these policies and procedures in this and in future newsletters.

more grime than time website

Our New Website!

I love, love, love our new website! If you haven’t had the chance to check out our newly redesigned website, please do so. I may be biased but I think it’s beautiful, and it works nicely on any format whether you’re viewing it on your computer, tablet or smart phone. I would love to hear what you think – check it out at

In case you’re wondering or should you or your company need a website overhaul, ArcMinute Marketing did the work for me at a very reasonable rate. Ben and Greg at ArcMinute are very knowledgeable and helpful and, since theirs is a small operation, they give very personalized service. Visit them at

Pets - More Grime Than Time

Our Beloved Pets

Yes, love is in the air, and what do we love more than our pets? Cleaning up after them, however, can be a challenge. My dog, Penny, is one of those “no-shed” varieties. Right!…it seems all dogs shed to varying degrees. Our vacuums are specially designed to suck up pet hair, even from hard-to-reach places such as under most furniture. And our vacuums empty into sealed bags that can be removed and thrown away, as opposed to “bagless” vacuums that can let dust & other particles back into the air as they’re being emptied. Pet messes on carpet, however, can be a different story.

I have a fabulous carpet cleaner, Jamal from OxiFresh of Novi who cleans carpet well for a reasonable price, and he’s such a friendly, nice, accommodating person. Contact me for more information should your carpet require a little more attention than our vacuuming can provide.

Because we all love our pets so much, I wanted to reiterate our policy on pets as we enter your home to clean:
We love our clients’ pets! But for their own safety and the safety of our cleaners, please be sure they are crated or placed in the basement or that some other arrangements are made to ensure our safety.
Sometimes, though pets are friendly when their owners are home, they become nervous and can bite strangers entering the home when the homeowners are away. We would very much like to avoid these situations if at all possible.

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Good Reviews
We also love good reviews! While you’re online checking out our lovely new website, please consider writing a nice review for MORE GRIME THAN TIME. As you know, sometimes only dissatisfied people will write reviews – we’d love to tip the scales to more accurately reflect how many happy clients we have. Two of the many ways to give us reviews include:

1) Google Reviews Go to Google Maps, search for MORE GRIME THAN TIME, then scroll down to enter a review.

2) Facebook Please check out our Facebook page. Just type in MORE GRIME THAN TIME in the search box at the top of your Facebook page. Once you’re on our page, you can “like” the page, and if you look to the left side of the page you’ll see a section for Reviews. Your kind words are very much appreciated.

Love Easy Money?
Your reviews mean so much to us that we will give you $5.00 off your next cleaning once we see a review you’ve posted. Thanks in advance for your support!

Sandy Kline - More Grime Than Time

Ancillary Services

Through 23 years in the cleaning business in the Plymouth/Canton area, I have developed a network of professionals who I can refer to friends, family and clients in need of a qualified company to assist them. Feel free to email me at to inquire about a need you might have. In this newsletter I would like to highlight a company I like to refer homeowners to when their window blinds need more TLC than our dusters and cloths can provide.

Aria On-Site Blind Cleaning — Never Be Without Your Blinds!
Dirty Blinds? Aria’s self-contained mobile system cleans most types of window blinds right outside your home or office.

Need Repairs? Wear & tear, pets and even sunlight can cause problems with your blinds over time. Many repairs can be done on-site.

New Blinds? Specializing in Hunter Douglas window fashions, Aria provides free, no-obligation inhome/office consultations, expert measuring and installation, and competitive pricing.

Whether you need to rid your window blinds and draperies of dust, grease and/or allergens, wish to create a fresh, new look for your home or office, or would like to invest in proven, energy-saving window treatments, Aria On-Site can help. No high pressure tactics – just thoughtful, quality service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Check out Aria’s website for more information or call (734) 971-0311.

Aria - More Grime Than Time