A Dust Bunny Hairball On A Wooden Floor With a Broom in the Background | Banishing Dust Bunnies in Canton Since '96 | More Grime Than Time

Banishing Dust Bunnies in Canton Since ’96

Kicking Off Dust Bunny Battles with More Grime Than Time How many hours a week do you spend cleaning and banishing dust bunnies? What would you do if you had that time back? More Grime Than Time’s house cleaning services in Canton, MI can help you find out. Dust bunny is a deceptively sweet name […]

A Woman With Yellow Rubber Gloves on Cleaning a Wall With a Rag and Cleaning Solution | Professional Home Cleaning: A Luxury or Necessity? | More Grime Than Time

Professional Home Cleaning: A Luxury or a Necessity

The Great Debate – Is House Cleaning Luxury or Necessity? The image of a sparkling clean home is frequently associated with luxury and leisure, a service reserved for those with ample resources. However, the truth is starkly different and much more inclusive. Professional home cleaning services are for anyone who finds their time monopolized by […]

A Person With Yellow Cleaning Gloves and a Sponge Cleaning The Top of an Electric Stove With Glasses and Plates Drying on Blue Towel in the Background | Cleaning Hacks for a Sparkling Clean Kitchen | More Grime Than Time

Cleaning Hacks for a Sparkling Clean Kitchen

A Sparkling Clean Kitchen Starts With Effective Cleaning Hacks When the kitchen is the hub of your home, it can get messy in no time. A clean kitchen is critical to safe and efficient food preparation, and it just feels good to have a clean space where your family can gather or you can entertain […]

Woman Wearing Yellow Cleaning Gloves With Her Hands on Her Head with a Messy Countertop in the Background and Cell Phone on the Table | Home Cleaning Tip | Balancing Life and Chores | More Grime Than Time

Home Cleaning Tips | Balancing Life and Chores

Striking a Balance Between Life and Home Cleaning In today’s relentlessly fast-paced environment, you might struggle to meet your home’s demands. Like other homeowners, you’ll carefully choose your battles, sometimes allowing household chores to fall by the wayside. Maintaining a clean house ensures your family’s health though. Therefore, you can’t afford to leave certain tasks […]

Fall 2022 Newsletter | More Grime Than Time

Fall 2022 Newsletter

It’s the season of gratitude – to reflect on all that has brought us joy throughout the year. I had two of my sons get married in 2022, and they blessed me with two lovely and darling daughters-in-law. My business is thriving; in fact it’s difficult to keep up with the demand. Lots of dirty […]

Newsletter Spring 2022 | More Grime Than Time

Newsletter Spring 2022

Welcome to our fourth issue of More Grime Than Time’s newsletter, designed for our clients to help keep you informed of our policies and procedures, to keep you up-to-date on recent happenings, and to offer tips to help us help you maintain your clean home!Our New-ish Office! 865 S. Main Street, Suite 1, Plymouth, MI […]