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Striking a Balance Between Life and Home Cleaning

In today’s relentlessly fast-paced environment, you might struggle to meet your home’s demands. Like other homeowners, you’ll carefully choose your battles, sometimes allowing household chores to fall by the wayside. Maintaining a clean house ensures your family’s health though. Therefore, you can’t afford to leave certain tasks incomplete for too long.

At More Grime Than Time, we understand your constant struggles. We’ve provided a few home cleaning tips we picked up during our time offering professional home cleaning services in Plymouth and the surrounding Michigan communities since 1996.

The Importance of a Cleaning Schedule

If you forgo all other tips, you should at least implement a cleaning to which you and other family members can adhere. Develop your itinerary by answering these questions:

  • Which rooms need the most attention?
  • Do any surfaces get dirtier than others?
  • Which tasks help your home look cleaner as a whole?
  • What surfaces are integral to your household’s health?

Use your answers to inform your cleaning schedule. Communicate the schedule and delegate the tasks to other family members accordingly. This approach prevents the workload from falling on one person. In addition, make sure time is scheduled in for work and personal time.

Practical Tips for Efficient Home Cleaning

Make your cleaning schedule more efficient and balanced with the following tips:

  1. Plan a decluttering day each month to eliminate unused items and hidden trash. Decluttering makes each room more manageable since you won’t dig through mountains of forgotten things.
  2. Deep-clean one room daily or weekly as your schedule and energy levels allow. This tip prevents you from overwhelming or exhausting yourself.
  3. When you focus on a room, clean from top to bottom. Cleaning any other way will waste time. Dirt and dust will fall to the floor as you clean. You want to clean the floor only once.

The Role of Cleaning Products in Time-Saving Home Cleaning

How much time do you spend dusting or wiping down the surfaces in your home? Many homeowners waste time without even realizing it by using multiple cleaning products or cloths that don’t readily trap dust particles. Surfaces like fine wood require wood soap to keep them in prime condition. Most floors, windows, and countertops on the other hand only need wiping down with a microfiber cloth and a quality multi-purpose cleaner.

Microfiber cloths collect and trap dirt more easily than cotton rags. With a good multi-purpose cleaner, you won’t waste time switching between products. These are among the most effective home cleaning tips.

Preparing Your Home for Efficient Cleaning

Fully prep your home for quick, effective cleaning practices by implementing the following suggestions:

  • Pull any furniture away from the walls.
  • Pull back the edges of your rugs.
  • Gather all your supplies beforehand.
  • Put away any loose belongings.

These tips will simplify the cleaning process and reduce disruptions to save you time.

In addition, systematic, organized cleaning can reduce the time you spend on this chore. Per your cleaning schedule, focus on one room at a time. Dust the room from ceiling to floor, consolidate all loose debris into a single pile, and vacuum it away.

More Grime Than Time | Your Partner in Home Cleaning

Our professional cleaners at More Grime Than Time are happy to supply our customers with efficient methods for effective home cleaning. Our cleaning company in Plymouth, MI, specializes in helping Plymouth residents find the freedom and time to do more of what they love. We do this by offering over 25 years of professional cleaning experience to help homeowners manage household chores.

We believe a clean and healthy home is a happy home. We’re proud to help you achieve a more balanced life with a crew of hand-selected, carefully vetted house-cleaning experts. Our cleaners undergo background checks and training before demonstrating our high standards for customer service and exemplary performance. Per our name, choose us if you have more grime than time!

Embrace a Cleaner, More Balanced Life With More Grime Than Time

As you implement these helpful home cleaning tips, consider contacting our team at More Grime Than Time in Plymouth, MI to help with the process. We’ll help you find more time to enjoy your family and the hobbies you love. By implementing a schedule, proper cleaning techniques, and our services, you’ll strike the perfect balance at home! Contact us at 734-459-9866/a> to schedule a free estimate.