Year-Round Serenity | The Ultimate Residential Home Cleaning Guide

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Kickstart Your Clean Home Journey with More Grime Than Time

A clean home boosts health and happiness. Getting rid of the dirt and clutter can help reduce allergy symptoms, eliminate harmful bacteria, and make you feel happy with your living space.

However, maintaining a clean living space isn’t always easy, especially for busy families. Following our residential home cleaning guide can make things a little easier. Take the time to consider your energy levels, the size of your home, and what tasks are most important, then use these cleaning tips to help you create the perfect cleaning routine.

Daily Cleaning Rituals for a Tidy Home

Daily cleaning can seem like a lot for many people, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can take a couple of simple steps during the morning and evening to keep your home tidy.

After you wake up and get ready for the day, start with the following:

  • Make your bed
  • Throw any stray laundry in the hamper
  • Wash the dishes from breakfast

These simple tasks don’t take very long and can help reduce the clutter.

To prepare for the next day, do some basic cleaning tasks at night. Wipe down surfaces that see regular use (such as tables) and do some quick sweeping to clear away the day’s messes and wake up with less stress.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks to Maintain Beauty

Once a week, you’ll want to do a little more in-depth cleaning to keep your home in top shape. Focus primarily on the areas that see the most use; clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and living room, taking the time to mop, vacuum, and sanitize any surfaces. This will help to keep grime from building up and let you enjoy a healthier, more beautiful living environment.

Do you want to go the extra mile? Take the time to clean those hard-to-reach places — for example, dusting the ceiling fans, vacuuming under the furniture, and wiping down appliances. Trying to do all these tasks every week can be a bit much, so take it slow by choosing one task and rotating weekly.

Monthly Deep Cleans for Lasting Freshness

No residential home cleaning guide would be complete without advice on deep cleaning. Set aside a day once a month to dig into this project. Go room by room and determine which areas look like they need the most attention. Generally, you’ll want to take the opportunity to deep clean carpets, wipe down lighting fixtures, and clean out the vents, at the very least, though you can certainly set your sights on other tasks if you feel up to it.

During your monthly cleans, take the time to declutter and reorganize your spaces. Determine what items you need and what you don’t; donate, toss, or store anything unnecessary. Use organizers and labeled boxes to reduce clutter.

Seasonal Strategies for a Healthy Home Environment

Year-round residential cleaning in Plymouth, MI, also involves certain seasonal tasks. Generally, the biggest cleaning times will be the spring and fall.

During the spring, you’ll want to wipe down the windows, clear away debris from the winter, and prepare to mow the grass and prune any trees or bushes.

Once fall rolls around, you’ll want to clean out the gutters, rake any leaves, and put away summer items in anticipation of winter.

You’ll also want to be fully prepared for seasonal temperature extremes. Check your air conditioning system as the temperatures warm up; when things start getting colder, take a look at your insulation and confirm that your heating system is in proper working order.

Empowering Your Year-Round Cleaning With More Grime Than Time

Following our residential home cleaning guide can be a great way to reduce clutter and feel healthier and happier. That said, no two situations are alike, and some people may find they can’t follow each piece of advice to the letter. We encourage you to consider your needs, schedule, and capabilities and adjust these tips to fit your lifestyle, habits, and circumstances.

Are you still struggling to keep up? More Grime Than Time is here to provide you with professional support. Contact us at (734) 822-7936 to schedule an estimate for extra help with your cleaning projects.