What’s with all the schedule changes?

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Hi Folks,


Rachel and I would like to thank you for your patience as once again we’re in the midst of schedule juggling.  Why so much movement in our schedules?  There are several reasons, but I can proudly say that typical cleaning industry turnover is not the cause.  Here are some things that necessitate MGTT’s schedule changes:


School starting

  • Four of our staff members have started a new semester and need us to work around their college course schedules
  • Two “new” workers are actually former cleaners who have a lighter semester this coming fall and need to earn some money while juggling their current course load
  • Two of our staff members can actually expand their working days because their little kiddos are returning to school


MGTT strongly encourages our staff members to further their education.  We realize that cleaning houses isn’t a career goal for them; it’s a means to an end, and if that end includes graduating from college to improve their lives, I will do everything in my power to encourage that.  During my 23 years in business, I’ve had staff members become nurses, forensic analysts, accountants/bookkeepers, and corrections officers, to name a few.  I love to keep track of my former workers to share in their successes.



…..such as Labor Day on September 2nd.  We encourage our cleaners to have holiday time off, and facilitate that break for them.


Cleaner “culling”

Over the years it’s become easier for me to realize if a cleaner just doesn’t “see” what needs to be seen to do a good, thorough cleaning.  We quickly part ways with my encouragement to seek a different means of income, as I found that you just can’t teach someone to understand what clean is; they either get it or they don’t.


Last-minute schedule changes happen for many reasons, some due to our workers’ issues, and many due to our client’s last minute concerns.  We do our best to accommodate everyone’s lives, which oftentimes causes us early-morning chaos, but if one employee repeatedly abuses our kindness and violates our attendance policy, we must let them go.  Their truancy is not fair to our clients, drives me and Rachel crazy, and is inconsiderate of our other staff members who oftentimes work on their “days off” or double up to help cover these houses.


Our business charter

All the schedule changing and working around our staff’s lives makes our job more difficult, but one of the main goals of my business is actually the same reason I started this business in the first place; to provide a means of income while facilitating our life goals.  When I started MGTT, I was a single mother, finishing my degree and needed a flexible income that had a low-cost entry.  I was good at cleaning, enjoyed it (yes there are those of us out there who like to clean!) and found that my business degree gave me the skills and knowledge necessary to grow my own house cleaning efforts into a viable business.  Because I appreciated the flexibility of house cleaning in pursuing my goals, I wanted to “pay it forward” to allow my staff members the means to accomplish their goals as well.  It’s that simple.


I hope this helps explain the schedule changes; please feel free to call or email if you have further concerns.


Sandy & Rachel