A Person With Yellow Cleaning Gloves and a Sponge Cleaning The Top of an Electric Stove With Glasses and Plates Drying on Blue Towel in the Background | Cleaning Hacks for a Sparkling Clean Kitchen | More Grime Than Time

Cleaning Hacks for a Sparkling Clean Kitchen

A Sparkling Clean Kitchen Starts With Effective Cleaning Hacks When the kitchen is the hub of your home, it can get messy in no time. A clean kitchen is critical to safe and efficient food preparation, and it just feels good to have a clean space where your family can gather or you can entertain […]

Woman Wearing Yellow Cleaning Gloves With Her Hands on Her Head with a Messy Countertop in the Background and Cell Phone on the Table | Home Cleaning Tip | Balancing Life and Chores | More Grime Than Time

Home Cleaning Tips | Balancing Life and Chores

Striking a Balance Between Life and Home Cleaning In today’s relentlessly fast-paced environment, you might struggle to meet your home’s demands. Like other homeowners, you’ll carefully choose your battles, sometimes allowing household chores to fall by the wayside. Maintaining a clean house ensures your family’s health though. Therefore, you can’t afford to leave certain tasks […]

Temporary Slow Down

Unfortunately More Grime Than Time has to temporarily halt all in-person house cleaning services due to Governor Whitmer’s executive order and the fact that in many cases we are considered a non-essential business.  We plan to pick up right where we left off, with the same schedules, the same cleaners as before, once given the […]

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What’s with all the schedule changes?

Hi Folks,   Rachel and I would like to thank you for your patience as once again we’re in the midst of schedule juggling.  Why so much movement in our schedules?  There are several reasons, but I can proudly say that typical cleaning industry turnover is not the cause.  Here are some things that necessitate […]

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Science Says: Clean Kitchen, Less Stress, Clean Eating

A recent study published in the Environment & Behavior Journal suggested that the more cluttered our environments, the more likely we are to overeat. With an organized kitchen, you might be less likely to go on a 20-cookie bender when you’re scrounging for a nighttime snack. “Having a clean kitchen or home makes you feel more in control and […]